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Control center

Plenty of storage for clothes and all your necessities. Fan with remote, two 110 plugs and 4 USB ports for all your devices. TV has been removed to increase storage.


Pull out table

Convenient pull out table for games, laptop chores or for dinner on a rainy day.  Sturdy and at your fingertips.



Large cabin/bedroom area that sleeps 2 adults with plenty of room for your pup. Queen size 5" deep memory foam mattress. Amazing head room!

eggZotic living

The tiny trailer is perfect for a long road trip or just staying in one place. Carry your bike for exploration. Stock your kitchen for dinner around the campfire and sleep in comfort after a day's adventure.


Magnetic rack

Have your favorite spices at your fingertips. Also room for knives and don't forget the wine opener!



Vacation is all about good food. Have everything you need to prepare a 5 star menu. Outlet for your appliance you can't live without and a sink that drains.


Exhaust fan

The most important component when it comes to comfort. 10 speed, remote controlled, reversible exhaust fan will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.

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