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About the builder

When not on his mountain bike, Bill Duerksen is a cabinet maker, furniture designer/builder, and sculptor. The majority of Bill's work adorns private residences near his home in South Western Ohio, but can also be seen in the Museum of Immigrants in Dudelange, Luxembourg, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania.


It all came about after packing up wet muddy camping gear at the end of an otherwise enjoyable camping trip with his wife, Kaye, and granddaughter, there had to be a better way.


  Bill is a guy that loves the outdoors and is never afraid to "rough it" when on his own. But he knew that his wife did not share that same view.


The eggZotic design marries minimalism and luxury for the perfect tiny trailer camping experience.



eggZotic gives you the opportunity to enjoy the type of camping you desire. Outdoor cooking with all the conveniences of home and a clean, bug free, temperature controlled cabin to protect you from the elements at night. Best of all no setup needed.


Simple, efficient, and very comfortable.

Love the beautiful craftsmanship in your tiny trailer!


Just saw ur egg:) it was pretty eggxalint


Just drove past this beauty today in Morro Bay...awesome trailer


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