Custom Furniture

Bill Duerksen is an established designer/furniture builder that believes in designing pieces that are in harmony with the environment as well as humanity. For the last 30 years Bill has brought clients and nature together in their homes and offices.  Browse a few pieces below that are available or commission a piece for yourself through a private consultation.

Chestnut coffee table is made from a single barn beam.  Original hand hewn mortise, tenons, and pegs are retained.

65" x 28" x 18"H (not including tenon)


Walnut coffee table, 3 legs

Radically charred edges

84" x 19" x 18" H


Large cabinet, shelves inside

lace wood and tiger maple with walnut pulls

64" x 21" x 30"H


Gazelle Cherry Sofa table

75 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 29 1/4"H


Mid-century Modern end tables - walnut

an almost-exact replica of furniture designed by a famous architect for his even more famous house. Constructed in walnut, like the originals.

16" x 16" x 18"H 

$1200. a pair

Foot stool, 3 legs

Maple top, cherry legs

11" x 11" x 12 1/2" H


Just for fun. Handmade string instruments

A different kind of teardrop

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