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egg process

In search of a roomier and luxurious small trailer, Bill decided on an egg shaped teardrop. After all, a real teardrop doesn't have flat sides. In the past, Bill made a strip-built kayak. He thought it shouldn't be so hard to build an egg-shaped trailer using those same boat building materials and techniques.


Guess what?  It was really hard!


With Bill's past experience and expertise as a sculptor and cabinet maker, he tackled the practically impossible egg shaped tiny trailer complete with a luxurious roomy cabin and a super efficient galley.

Hand built charm

Bills extensive career of creating one of a kind woodworking projects attributed to his stunning unique egg shaped trailer.  His attention to detail and his true craftsmanship makes this project second to none. Since your egg will be custom built just for you keep in mind the sky is the limit.


The entire trailer is powered by Progressive Dynamics 4000 series battery charger/power converter located in the control center and galley. An AGM, top of the line, marine battery will supply you with the power needed when not connected to a power source.  The cabin is equipped with 12 volt lighting and a 10 speed reversible ventilation fan, which includes a remote control for your convenience while lounging in your spacious queen size, 5 inch memory foam bed. Four USB ports are located along a convenient shelf.  A pull out table will be plenty of room for your all your electronic devices. Five 11 inch deep cabinets supply ample room for all your clothing and necessities. 

Setup is a breeze

That's right.  Just choose your perfect spot and open the doors.  Your done.  Wheel chocks will be provided if you want to unhitch your egg from your vehicle, but not necessary if you don't unhitch. For extended stays you can put up an awning for extra shade.  A nice addition is a changing/potty pop up tent for those nightly needs. 

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